How to Sew a Hexagon Binding

Simplifying a Hexagon Binding

At first binding can seem hard--at least it was for me when I began quilting. I soon found that there are many methods for binding and I think I’ve tried them all. What became my ‘go to’ binding method (a continuous strip binding with mitered corners) has only been for a normal rectangle quilt. Now, with the pattern Morning Star,  I have had to learn and master binding a hexagon shape. Let me show you how I do it.  I hope this will help you, too.

I made this Morning Star Hot Pad with the pattern by Bethany Miller.

Place pins outside the seam allowance

Continue to miter each corner until reaching the starting point.

Once the binding is at the starting point, pin in place, then sew. Trim excess binding strip.

Next, you will need to hand sew the closure where the two ends meet..I like to fold over the binding and pin these together and sew with a very small applique stitch. 

Now it is ready to hand sew the binding.

The finished binding!

Good luck to you and happy sewing!  

If you want to watch a video of sewing a continuous binding, check out our video.

Deborah Miller