Enlarging Dancing Diamonds with Multiple Templates

This pattern, once finished is 15½" x 33½". Multiple templates can overlap and be connected, to make your project much larger. Click on the page to download the diagrams.  Pattern is not included.









Boston UnCommon Lap Quilt Labels

These are to help organize your design wall and to keep the columns in the correct order when you are sewing.

Use a standard address label sheet, 8.5" x 11" that has 30 labels per sheet.  Print two copies of each page (4 sheets total needed).

Free Patterns

Pineapple Window Block 

What happens when you try using a product that was meant for one design then mix it up with a different style? Sometimes the discoveries are magic.  In the case of the Pineapple Window, we took the Folded Star Stencil and worked with folded strips instead of prairie points.  The result?  A whole new way to create a fun, wonderful picture block.  If you've ever wanted to do a photo quilt, a quilt with embroidery or fussy cut fabric to show off a great design, give Pineapple Window a try. It makes a sweet, framed block and it's plum easy!  NOTE: It is designed to use with the Folded Star Stencil.

Take a focus print, panel block, embroidery work, cross stitch work, or even a photo that is printed on fabric, then lay out strips to frame it. The Stencil marking lines have exact placement for the 45 and 90 degree angles, and are placed in equal increments from each other, making a symmetrical shape from whatever fabric you place on the lines, whether a prairie point (to make a star) or folded strips. 
Click Here for the Free Pattern

Fast Fold Hexie Coasters 

This project is made out of folded hexagons.  It is designed to go with our Half-Hexie Ruler.
The coasters are a fun little project, that are quick to make and are super easy.  We hope you'll give them a try!

This is in a PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat to view.

Click on the pattern to download.  The pattern is 2 pages.

PlumBerry "Sharpen and Shine" Pin Cushion

If you have purchased Ground Emery from us, it came with a free pattern in a mini brochure.  Here is the full size pattern with diagrams. This pattern is designed to use Ground Emery sand for the filling.  This pattern also create a mini strawberry shaped pin cushion. Click on the pattern to download it in a PDF format file.

PlumBerry "Sharpen & Shine" Pin Cushion

Ground Emery is available from our Online Store