Ground Walnut Shells

2 cups by volume

  • Comes in a 4" x 8" zip 2m poly bags
  • All natural filling for pin cushion
  • Gives pin cushions a heavy, solid feeling
  • Ground walnut hulls, coarse and fine grinds
  • Perfect for filling our pin cushion pattern.

MSDS Sheet for Ground Walnut Shells

Same as our Unscented in size and shape, but contains lavender buds and essential oils.  This gives pin cushions a lovey fragrance.  The filling works as a neck roll filling and can be microwaved to lay on sore muscles.

All natural ground walnut shells with pesticide-free filling Grosso lavender.

Note:  Persons allergic to walnuts (or lavender) should avoid this product. 

Craft Filling Sampler
Gift Pack

Includes 4 world class fillings to offer an assortment that every sewer will love.  The fillings include Ground Walnut Shells in unscented and lavender, poly pellets, and ground emery. The pack is sold in a gift box with gold ribbon.




Ground Emery

100% Turkish Emery sand, this is the same emery used in emery boards and those little strawberries that come on some 'tomato' pin cushions. We've included a picture of the Dritz pin cushion to show one.

  • Emery sand has long been known to sharpen needles but it also cleans them.
  • Our 'French' square bottle has a slender neck to pour easily into your pin cushion direct.  
  • Free PlumBerry Pin Cushion Pattern included.  
  • Size:  4 oz.